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A friend and former coworker, Tom Hoopes, wrote a great article for this Good Friday that I wanted to share with visitors to this site. It’s a beautiful reflection on America, our culture wars, and our only hope: Divine Mercy.

We celebrate Divine Mercy Sunday the week after Easter, but it cannot be a coincidence that Good Friday is Day 1 of the Divine Mercy Novena. Divine Mercy announced this great work at the Annunciation, progressed it with the Incarnation and Nativity of Christ… But it was on Good Friday that He revealed Himself as Divine Mercy itself.

Enjoy the article, and enjoy the peace that comes from knowing Mercy took up all the sins of the world into Himself and suffered their punishment already. Even the greatest sins of our Nation have already been expiated.

Mercy WideDivine Mercy Is Our Only Hope | CatholicVote.org | Tom Hoopes.

Jesus Christ is our savior. And Jesus is merciful — and not just merciful; he’s anxious to take the first steps to save us.

Our hope lies with him. All we have to do is beg for mercy and follow the light he brings to lead us out of the darkness.

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