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Skemp Divine Mercy on Canvas - Frame 8483

Skemp Divine Mercy on Canvas - Frame 8483

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If you are searching for an ornate look, gold frame 8483 is the one. One of our favorites for many years, this is a heavy solid wood frame which says quality. 8483 is 2.5" wide and is not suitable for an 8x10 because of its width. In our opinion, like the 8135 frame, this frame looks great only on the Vilnius Image, but people have ordered it with the Skemp Image, so we've included it.

This pop­u­lar ren­di­tion of the Divine Mer­cy Image was com­mis­sioned in the 1970's from Amer­i­can artist Robert O. Skemp, and pre­sent­ed to Blessed Pope John Paul II in 1982. Orig­i­nal­ly paint­ed on wood, Jesus is shown stand­ing in front of a door.

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