Vilnius Divine Mercy on Canvas Special - 20"X36" Frame 9729 or 8135


Frame 9729 is a traditional wood frame with a nice even copper-like finish. It's 2.125" wide and is my personal favorite for the Vilnius Image. Frame 8135 is a 2” wide traditional solid wood gold frame with a black inlay and has red tinted accents throughout, and has been our best-selling frame for over 15 years.

Note: Image picture will not change when you select a frame, but we will get your frame choice and send you the correct frame!


Please note the following:

  • You must select a language for your Image (or select 'none' for no printing at all). This is at no additional cost. You may also select a second language or custom language for this Image for additional art fees - $15 either option. (On 2 language Images, the top selection will print above the second). 
  • The Image picture will not update your selected language – it will always show English. However, we will receive your correct language request and confirm this in your order receipt.
  • Images pictured on this website are not always proportional. This is just a website limitation - the real product will be proportioned to the correct size ordered.
  • Our Images are highly scratch resistant but it's always best to use a feather duster and be gentle on the canvas.
  • Our canvas and inks are waterproof, but please bless Images with holy water only in the colored section of the print. Avoid the solid black areas if possible.
  • Due to humidity changes, canvas may loosen during the winter months and re-tighten in the early Spring to late Fall. This is normal.

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