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Special Gift Sale: 2 10x18 Vilnius Divine Mercy Images on Canvas

Special Gift Sale: 2 10x18 Vilnius Divine Mercy Images on Canvas

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Note: Price is for 2 Images - Regularly $155 each, get 2 for $275.00 Save $35.00.

Christmas / Easter Sale
If you need an extra Image to give away to a family member or friend, this is a good way to do this without paying full price for both. Frame 8135 is our most popular frame.

This is a replication of the orig­i­nal Divine Mer­cy Image paint­ed by Eugene Kaz­imierowski in Vil­nius, under the direct super­vi­sion of St. Fausti­na and Fr. Michael Sopocko. It was com­plet­ed in 1934. The image fell into dis­re­pair from stor­age dur­ing the sec­ond World War, and the fol­low­ing decades when pub­lic ven­er­a­tion of the Divine Mer­cy was for­bid­den. The image was restored back to it’s orig­i­nal beau­ty in 2003 by an artist of Vil­nius and this restora­tion, with some slight modifications, is what is avail­able here.

Please note the following:

  • This sale price is for English only.
  • Image pictures are not always proportional as the frame sizes differ, but each Image is carefully designed for optimum fit within your chosen frame size. 
  • When cleaning, please use a feather duster and be gentle on the canvas.
  • Our canvas and inks are highly water resistant, but please bless Images with holy water only in the colored section of the print, or on the frame.
  • Keep this, and all art, out of direct sunlight, which will fade any image over time.
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