Hyla Divine Mercy on Canvas - Frame 8714

Frame 8714 is a honey pecan burl that is 2.125" wide. This frame, along with frame 10352, ranks among the very best frames we've ever worked with. Another stunning wood, this frame's elegance and beauty is astounding. 

Adolf Hyla paint­ed this ver­sion of the Divine Mer­cy in 1943 as a votive offer­ing in grat­i­tude for the safe­ty of his fam­i­ly dur­ing World War II. Paint­ed after the death of St. Fausti­na, the image is based on the descrip­tions from Faustina’s diary he was given by the nuns at the con­vent, and a small copy of the first paint­ing. Hyla’s orig­i­nal paint­ing showed Jesus walk­ing through a coun­try land­scape, but that back­ground has been replaced in repro­duc­tions. This image is known for the pierc­ing eyes of Christ, and for the depic­tion of Jesus walk­ing towards the view­er. The Hyla is often called the Krakow image, named after the city where the orig­i­nal resides.

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