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- Our Lady of Guadalupe on Canvas, 27X48 - Frame 8483

- Our Lady of Guadalupe on Canvas, 27X48 - Frame 8483

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If you are searching for an ornate look, gold frame 8483 is the one. One of our best sellers for many years, this is a heavy solid wood frame. 8483 is 2.5" wide. 

Our Lady of Guadalu­pe, also referred to as the “Guadalupina,” is an image mirac­u­lous­ly given by the Blessed Moth­er her­self. After appear­ing to St. Juan Diego, an Aztec con­vert, on Mt. Tepey­ac in Mex­i­co, Our Lady arranged ros­es on Juan’s tilma, or cloak. When he arrived at the Bishop’s res­i­dence, he opened his tilma and the ros­es fell away, reveal­ing this beau­ti­ful image. Many sci­en­tific tests have been done on the image and the col­ors and longevi­ty of the mate­ri­al have failed to be explained.

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