- Vilnius Divine Mercy 18x24 on Canvas - ON SALE - Frame 8714

The picture at the right is a more truer proportion of this 18x24 Image/Frame combination. This 18x22 special purchase frame is in perfect condition. Frame 8714 is a honey pecan burl that is 2.125" wide, and ranks among the very best frames we've ever worked with. A beautiful wood, this frame is OUTSTANDING.

This orig­i­nal Divine Mer­cy Image was paint­ed by Eugene Kaz­imirowski in Vil­nius, under the direct super­vi­sion of St. Fausti­na and Fr. Michael Sopocko. It was com­plet­ed in 1934. The image fell into dis­re­pair from stor­age dur­ing the sec­ond World War, and during the fol­low­ing decades when pub­lic ven­er­a­tion of the Divine Mer­cy was for­bid­den due to a faulty translation of St. Faustina's diary. The image was restored back to it’s orig­i­nal beau­ty in 2003 by an artist in Vil­nius, and this restora­tion, with some slight modifications, is what is avail­able here.

Please note the following:

  • This overstock frame's Image is in English.
  • Image pictures are not always proportional as the frame sizes differ, but each Image is carefully designed for optimum fit within your chosen frame size. 
  • Our Images are highly scratch resistant but it's always best to use a feather duster and be gentle on the canvas.
  • Our canvas and inks are waterproof, but please bless Images with holy water only in the colored section of the print.
  • Due to humidity changes, canvas may loosen during the winter months and re-tighten in the early Spring to late Fall. This is normal.

Thank you for considering this Image! 

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