Holy Trinity, Ladera Ranch, CA.

Holy Trinity, Ladera Ranch, CA.

Hi Mercy Images!

Hope all is well with you! I took this photo on the Feast of Divine Mercy where the image was blessed and shown to the entire parish family. It does not hang in the church - but is brought out regularly for the Divine Mercy Chaplet. Thank you for your help in making that a reality!

The Image was blessed and the pastor had flyers/handouts and holy cards with how to say the Divine Mercy Chaplet and encouraged everyone to come and pray each day at 3pm. We also pray it together after the daily rosary (after morning mass at 8:30). His preaching about it is very informative and passionate.   

On the Feast of Holy Souls (All Souls Day) - after 10:30am mass - we all drove to the cemetery and prayed the Divine Mercy Chaplet together (about 100 people came). Then our 2 priests heard confessions (outside by the graves). Our common “penance” was to pray the divine mercy (which we did together in the beginning) and then pick 3 graves and pray for the people who were buried there.  Then there was a picnic lunch provided and fellowship on the cemetery grounds. It had a great impact. 

Keep promoting devotion to the Image and Novena of Divine Mercy!    

Peace of Christ,


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