Sacred Heart on Canvas - Unframed


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  • Images pictured on this website are not always proportional as the frame sizes differ. This is just a website limitation - the real product will be proportioned to the correct size frame.
  • Our Images are highly scratch resistant but it's always best to use a feather duster and be gentle on the canvas.
  • Our canvas and inks are waterproof, but please bless Images with holy water only in the colored section of the print.
  • Due to humidity changes, canvas may loosen during the winter months and re-tighten in the early Spring to late Fall. This is normal.

Thank you for considering this Image! 

Ven­er­a­tion of the Love of Jesus for mankind, and for the wounds of Christ has been around since the mid­dle ages or even ear­lier. But it was not until St. Jean Eudes gained per­mis­sion for prop­er Mass prayers devot­ed to both the Sacred Hearts of Jesus and of Mary that the devo­tion to the wound­ed and long-suf­fer­ing Sacred Heart of Jesus became a pub­lic one. 

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