Description of the image


We have been printing and framing religious art reproductions since 1999 for customers all over the world. Our primary focus is the Vilnius Image of The Divine Mercy, the orig­i­nal Divine Mer­cy Image paint­ed by Eugene Kaz­imierowski in Vil­nius under the super­vi­sion of Sister Fausti­na and Fr. Michael Sopocko.

The painting was com­plet­ed in 1934 and restored in 2003. We provide these Images in many sizes, framed or unframed, for homes, chapels, and churches up to cathedral sizes. Currently, our largest framed size is 27" x 48". Our largest unframed size is 62" x 120" tall on wallpapers, vinyls, and canvas. A typical larger unframed canvas is 34" x 60", or 42" x 75". These are available under the 'Store' menu as product options on the unframed images.