Not every space is a perfect fit for our standard-sized images. If you cannot use any of the sizes listed in our store, we have created a calculator to give you proportional sizes by entering only one dimension.

Exclude any frame width from your dimensions. Our images are sold based on print size, not print size plus frame size. For space planning purposes, If you are ordering one of our frames, add 2 inches on each side. For instance, if your space is 24" wide and you desire a 20" wide image including frame, subtract the frame width from each side. In this example, you'd order a 16" wide image.

Finally, be mindful of size limits: framed images cannot exceed 48" in height, and unframed images cannot exceed 60” in width. Exceeding these dimensions will alert you to start over.

Once you have completed the form, please copy and paste the information in the "You Have Chosen" section at the bottom, into our "Contact Us" form and send it to us. We will call you and discuss your image and give you a price! Thank you!

Proportional Size Calculator

Proportional Size Calculator

Directions: Choose your image, frame type, and choose a frame, if applicable. Input EITHER the desired width or height. Press "Calculate" to get the other dimension, which will be based on your image's proportion. Click "Figure Square Footage" next. You must click the “Clear/Start Over" button before starting any new calculations. See above for more info.

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You must click the "Clear/Start Over" button before starting any new calculation.

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