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Hyla Divine Mercy on Canvas - Frame 8483

Hyla Divine Mercy on Canvas - Frame 8483

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If you are searching for an ornate look, gold frame 8483 is the one. One of our best sellers for many years, this is a heavy solid wood frame which says quality. 8483 is 2.5" wide and is not suitable for an 8x10 because of its width.

Adolf Hyla paint­ed this ver­sion of the Divine Mer­cy in 1943 as a votive offer­ing in grat­i­tude for the safe­ty of his fam­i­ly dur­ing World War II. Paint­ed after the death of St. Fausti­na, the image is based on the descrip­tions from Faustina’s diary he was given by the nuns at the con­vent, and a small copy of the first paint­ing. Hyla’s orig­i­nal paint­ing showed Jesus walk­ing through a coun­try land­scape, but that back­ground has been replaced in repro­duc­tions. This image is known for the pierc­ing eyes of Christ, and for the depic­tion of Jesus walk­ing towards the view­er. The Hyla is often called the Krakow image, named after the city where the orig­i­nal resides. The Hyla Image is like­ly the most repro­duced of the three most pop­u­lar depic­tions.

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